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Tho it may seem small, adopting a shelter animal has a giant impact on the life you are saving and your community. I encourage you to please visit a local shelter and just see if you can’t find the next love of your life there. My Piggy was a rescue dog and was going to be put down along his brothers and sisters due to poor breeding habits. He was born deaf and has tunnel vision a result of the double merle gene.  I CAN NOT imagine my life with out him, he is a wonderful dog! I saved Piggy and the rest of his litter was saved as well. So please if you are looking for an animal, please check your shelters first.

Stray Rescue/Beautiful Life Studio

Stray Rescue of St. Louis is a wonderful place to start or volunteer


Save a Live Adopt

Don’t forget about the kitties or even farm animals!

When you do find the love of your life and want to show your friends and family just how awesome your new family member is, let me know! I do quick mini sessions for new rescues and their humans. Always free no catch, no hook*, just a little way to say thank you on behalf of that little bundle you just saved with a half hour and six images of joy to begin your new lives together.

*I just need the name of the shelter they came from and to see proof of the adoption, that’s it.

I hope to see you and your newest loved one soon! Don’t forget if you can’t have a “fur”ever baby, you can foster for a short time. If you can’t have a fur baby you can always donate, shop and or volunteer your time!


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My Beautiful Life

Did you know chickens make wonderful pets?
Hello I’m so glad you’re here! Let me introduce myself, my name is Mary Rust and Beautiful Life Studio or BLS is my company.
Mary Rust Beautiful Life Studio

Me with my hubby Mike on vacation last winter, I am usually a brunette!

Living just outside of St. Louis, in Innsbrook, MO, with my darling husband and two brilliant children, you will also discover my love of animals that includes; seven hens and a handsome little bantam rooster named Zeus. Three dogs, an outdoor cat and my indoor, grandpa cat Moses.  I talk about Zeus, Piggy and my newest pup Bruno a lot, so let me introduce them to you.

Beautiful Life Studio

Psst…did you know I give free mini sessions to rescued fur/feather babies and their humans? You can find a great rescue animal HERE. This is my Piggy & Zeus


Beautiful Life Studio

Bruno Bear my personal polar bear and LGD, guarding his flock

Growing up I had envisioned my life would be somewhat glamorous, a little Sex in the City, Carrie Bradshaw type of life in a big city with fashion and excitement! {Though I did get to travel to Brooklyn, NY to shoot a wedding, yes, I travel where love takes me!}


#fantasy vs #reality

Alas, God knew I was destined to fall somewhere into the Green Acres life style, with muck boots, hay and and all things humble. I couldn’t be happier where I am. There is plenty of excitement and things to do here … have you ever tried to catch a chicken? While I am happily living on our few acres of paradise and dreaming of a few more animals … I can no longer imagine a home without chickens clucking in the yard or having to ever buy store bought eggs.

A few of my lovely eggs. Chicken people get "egg"cited about eggs & your friends start buying you Chicken themed gifts {Thanks Steph <3 you}

A few of my lovely eggs. Chicken people get “egg”cited about eggs & your friends start buying you Chicken themed gifts {Thanks Steph!}

A supportive husband will make all of your dreams come true…even if your dreams include owning chickens. {Remember that ladies!}

Mike and the girls when they were young & the Amazing Taj Ma Coop he built for me!

Mike and the girls when they were young & the Amazing Taj Ma Coop he built for them!

My children and a few friends have worried I am close to being a crazy chicken lady, it is all fine because I know I have not become THAT  fabulous of a chicken lady…I am working on it. A girl has to have goals.

I am the middle, middle youngest child or 5 of 8, not to be confused with 7 of 9. {Star Trek fans will get that} My siblings and I are all close, I mean the kind of in the hot tub with your clothes on wrestling; double dog dare ya, CLOSE.  I adore and admire that about my family. Mom and dad laughing at us, rolling their eyes and just having another glass {wine is the official beverage of the Welch clan}. Ah my family. Family takes effort to stay close and family is brilliant; and you should keep tabs on them and take photos, because life is short and you need your family in your life. {If only to bring you wine when you run out and to take your surplus eggs.}

From our last sister day. This was the only unquestionable photo I could post from that day at Nabolies Winery.

From our last sister day. This was the only unquestionable photo I could post from that day at Nabolies Vineyard {You can have your wedding there too}. Vikki is across from me, many of you may know her. She used to work with me before she abandoned me for Seattle…

Mom and Dad {Love them to bits}

Mom and Dad {Love them to bits} still growing strong

Building Beautiful Life studio has given me the ability to care for all these wonderful animals and encourages me be an amazing wife and mum to my children.  I am grateful to every clients have past, present and future. I know the value of each of you and can’t ever thank you enough for working with me. The most amazing part of being a wedding photographer has been the honor of following clients from their wedding day into their maternity and growing family days. Realizing the photographs I create for you may someday be cherished and loved by your great great grandchildren, is my beautiful life. So I thank you all so much for those moments together.

I hope to post more about home life and the chickens, because so many of you love them! You can keep tabs on me and all of my home adventures daily through instagram. Take care I hope to hear from you all soon!




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Engagement Session

Ready set…kiss!!! If your working with me, you are learning how to kiss for the camera and so much more during your engagement session…

Engagement Sessions St. Louis MO

Yes, you do need an engagement session

First, if you book your wedding photography with me, it does not cost anything. I love doing them. Win! Win! and bonus we will learn so much from each other!  After a quick meeting together  discussing your wedding photography is not quite the same as spending time with you and WATCHING the two of you interact. Every couple, and I mean every couple has this dynamic energy. During an engagement session I will learn so much about you both, I may notice how he looks at you, how you may always fix his shirt. I learn he may kiss your forehead or hand often, she just might stand on her tippy toes to kiss you or even the way you hold hands. The two of you  may be funny, shy, fearless however you are, I am paying attention. Your engagement photos mirror your energy and reflect your personalities in your photographs.  I am not just shooting during your engagement session, I am learning so much about how you both photograph. That is VERY important.

Have you modeled before? Kissing, it is not as easy as a kiss. There is on camera kissing and off camera kissing, I can teach you the difference. Where do you hold your hands? I can help you.  How do you pose? {I actually try not to pose you} I prefer watching the two of you together and will guide you from there. Hopefully and most importantly, I help you to be at ease around the camera. How to be yourself and be completely comfortable as a couple in front of the camera.  I also learn a few things from your engagement session, important things.  Things such as you blink, I mean you can’t keep your eyes open at all or I might learn that one of you has a Chandler Bing smile, if you don’t know what that means…watch THIS. {It is so true!} So much wonderful information is learned from a few extra hours together. The two of you are starting a new life together.  Let me teach you in a professional and fun way how to exist wonderfully on camera. Engagement sessions are important. They are the dress rehearsal for beautiful wedding photos!


Engagement Sessions

Engagement SessionsEngagement Sessions

Engagement Session

Engagement SessionBeing who you are on camera makes amazing photographs

Engagement Session

Enjoy each other and just be beautifully together & in the moment

Engagement SessionEngagement Session

You can book your engagement session by sending me a message about four to five weeks BEFORE your hopeful date. We will tailor  your engagement session to fit your personalities, from location decisions and help with what to wear!  All engagement sessions are shot by myself. If you did not book us for your wedding but would like an engagement session done by Beautiful Life Studio I would LOVE to! The cost is $375 and includes all your final images, location{s} of your choice and a set of 20 5×5 signature prints.

To see an actual full engagement session please click here.


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Lucky Him {Bridal Boudoir}

Bridal boudoir sessions are done privately for soon to be brides or past brides who want to give their lucky groom an extremely personal and jaw dropping gift.  Boudoir shoots are fun, like crazy fun! A  wonderful way to take a break from stressful wedding planning and just enjoy a little you time and of course champagne! Bring a few girlfriends, laugh, shine and experience an unforgettable session, while making a pretty kick-@$$ gift for your groom.


Bridal Boudoir Beautiful Life Studio


Strap on your most fabulous shoes, slip into your amazing jaw dropping lingerie {or not} and step in front of the camera! Don’t let posing worries keep you down.  I’ve got you.  Conservative to a little more adventurous, every image will be perfect. Before your session, we will design your session from hair and makeup to lingerie and posing. NO surprises just confidence.


Bridal Boudoir Beautiful Life Studio


Mini: Two outfits, password-protected proofing gallery with 20 5×5 signature prints and digital proofs. $425; prints and albums are a la carte.

Classic: Three outfits, professional makeup and lashes with hair, password-protected proofing gallery with 20 5×5 signature prints and digital proofs. $575; prints and albums are a la carte.

Glam: Four outfits, professional makeup and lashes with hair, password-protected proofing gallery with a minimum of 50 images and digital proofs. $975; includes Deluxe album with up to 30 images and a custom cover; prints and albums are a la carte.


Bridal Boudoir Beautiful Life Studio


Bridal Boudoir Beautiful Life Studio www.beautifullifestudio.netBridal Boudoir Beautiful Life Studio


Discounts of 10-20% are given for groups of two or more. Boudoir sessions are done in the clients home or a beautiful hotel room {at clients expense}. They can also be done in a private downtown studio space for an additional fee. Please contact Beautiful Life Studio to learn more about location options and extra costs.  The champagne is always free…

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Hello and Welcome to our Studio News!

Just keep scrolling to learn a little more about what is going on here at Beautiful Life Studio!

Beautiful Life Studio BrandingI am super excited to announce in our studio news 02\16, that after 10 years I decided it was time to brand the company {Yes, I know!} When you are as creative and easily distracted as me, choosing something to suit your company was not an easy task! I jumped all over on logos/colors/tag lines and design elements.  When you are constantly growing and changing it is hard to choose something that will evolve with your company.

I asked myself what was the core of Beautiful Life Studio. The answer was simple. LIFE and HERITAGE. My photographs are full of life.  Their lives. The moments of time we spend together create a visual heritage for them and the generations of family to follow.  A wonderful return to the places and times in their lives, full of love, romance and beautiful days, moments of first dances, grandparents, new births and final photographs. Times and seasons of a BEAUTIFUL LIFE. Their beautiful life.

LIFE. We live on this wonderfully beautiful planet Earth. There came my brand colors. A beautiful peacock blue and wonderful rosemary green. HERITAGE I came from a large family and blessed with a mom and dad who LOVED photos and photo albums. The wonderful vintage albums with the photo corners and thick paper, the unusual square photos and amazing images. So with that wonderful heritage I was given, I designed beautiful rich velvet albums where you can add your marvelously square prints complete with those photo corners. LOGO I decided against a definable logo and kept it simple with the main image frame and text. After all I would rather my images carry my brand after all they carry the company name…Beautiful Life.


Beautiful Life Studio Prints

Beautiful Life Studio Albums


The velvet heritage albums come in seven colors and three sizes {7, 10 and 13 inches}  Each album can be wonderfully customized for your personal tastes with names and dates, custom printing and more.

Beautiful Life Studio Albums

I hope you will love them as much as I do! I would Love to hear your opinions!

Beautiful Life Studio Studio News





Interns needed

Beautiful Life Studio is currently looking for Summer/fall wedding interns who want to learn and grow with us.  You must use professional level equipment and have a portfolio for us to review. To be considered please send us an email at We will get back with you once your portfolio is reviewed.





Studio NewsI hope you will join me on Saturday, March 5 or Sunday, March 6th for my first ever children’s spring photo sessions!  Cuteness will be all over the place. These sessions will be about a half hour long and contain six images for your personal use. The theme will be spring/Easter and I will have some amazingly adorable sidekicks for photographic love.  The cost is $75 and is due when you book your reservation. Spaces are limited so please email at or call at 636-235-6294. Payments are non refundable but will transfer for a new session.


I “hop” to see you there!



Keep checking back in for more news and current promotions.  If you love a promotion, please feel free to share it! Also find us on Facebook/Twitter and Instagram and share the love!



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