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Women are brilliant. We work. We dedicate our lives to helping our families. We play. We cook. We clean. You name it, a woman is doing it somewhere. Women are beautiful. Somewhere in the middle of living we have forgotten we are beautiful. I see beauty in every woman I meet and I wanted to create an opportunity for women to sit in front of a camera and hopefully get a glimpse of what I see and of who they are…beautiful. Sometimes we take photos just for us but, sometimes we need to take a photo for our loved ones. Our loved ones see their wife, their daughter, their sister, their mom, grandma…they see what I see, someone who is simply beautiful and someone who loves them back.What is the Beautiful You Campaign? It is a quick photo shoot, usually around 10 minutes long. Just you, me and a fan, ha! Imagine women of all ages, shapes, colors and walks in life. Imagine these same women in front of a camera, imagine the final results. Beautiful images of each woman to remind her, to show her, and to share with her family. The Beautiful You {White} Campaign happens twice a year, with a bigger campaign, Beautiful You {Black} at the end of the year. The white campaign is on a simple white background. We will usually help you with your hair and a little makeup {if you like} you wear a white top and we shoot. That is it. Clients are delivered five images from their shoot and the cost is $25.
The Beautiful You Campaign Black is coming in November…Space is VERY limited and the cost is $75. Think signature prints on your wall. Think Vogue. You will want to do this one ladies!



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