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Nick & Lauren | Sunrise Bridal Shoot in Melbourne Beach, FL

Lauren and Nick eloped in Downtown St. Louis, MO, before relocating to Florida’s East Coast. It was a June wedding, held on the first day of Summer, and they opted for a simple ceremony followed by an early lunch with family. The photos from that day are private and candid… Everything you’d expect from a couple who dines on champagne and salmon sandwiches in the park, in lieu of a formal reception. In keeping with their theme of spontaneity, the couple decided to gift one another a second set of “wedding” images for their anniversary. At sunrise they dressed in their original wedding day clothes (a gauzy dress with a sweetheart neckline for her, a pared down gray suit with cuffed sleeves for him) and headed out to the local beach. This session is one of my favorites, not just because of the lighting and location, but also the casual, bohemian vibes. As we were finishing up, Lauren and Nick’s toddler son was dying to run into the waves. I watched as his mother stripped him down and waded into the surf with him, barely giving it a second thought. Naturally, I followed, and we were rewarded with some truly excellent shots. The moral? Sometimes, the best photos happen when you just go with it.

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