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Tho it may seem small, adopting a shelter animal has a giant impact on the life you are saving and your community. I encourage you to please visit a local shelter and just see if you can’t find the next love of your life there. My Piggy was a rescue dog and was going to be put down along his brothers and sisters due to poor breeding habits. He was born deaf and has tunnel vision a result of the double merle gene.  I CAN NOT imagine my life with out him, he is a wonderful dog! I saved Piggy and the rest of his litter was saved as well. So please if you are looking for an animal, please check your shelters first.

Stray Rescue/Beautiful Life Studio

Stray Rescue of St. Louis is a wonderful place to start or volunteer


Save a Live Adopt

Don’t forget about the kitties or even farm animals!

When you do find the love of your life and want to show your friends and family just how awesome your new family member is, let me know! I do quick mini sessions for new rescues and their humans. Always free no catch, no hook*, just a little way to say thank you on behalf of that little bundle you just saved with a half hour and six images of joy to begin your new lives together.

*I just need the name of the shelter they came from and to see proof of the adoption, that’s it.

I hope to see you and your newest loved one soon! Don’t forget if you can’t have a “fur”ever baby, you can foster for a short time. If you can’t have a fur baby you can always donate, shop and or volunteer your time!


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