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Engagement Session

Engagement Session

Ready set…kiss!!! If your working with me, you are learning how to kiss for the camera and so much more during your engagement session…

Engagement Sessions St. Louis MO

Yes, you do need an engagement session

First, if you book your wedding photography with me, it does not cost anything. I love doing them. Win! Win! and bonus we will learn so much from each other!  After a quick meeting together  discussing your wedding photography is not quite the same as spending time with you and WATCHING the two of you interact. Every couple, and I mean every couple has this dynamic energy. During an engagement session I will learn so much about you both, I may notice how he looks at you, how you may always fix his shirt. I learn he may kiss your forehead or hand often, she just might stand on her tippy toes to kiss you or even the way you hold hands. The two of you  may be funny, shy, fearless however you are, I am paying attention. Your engagement photos mirror your energy and reflect your personalities in your photographs.  I am not just shooting during your engagement session, I am learning so much about how you both photograph. That is VERY important.

Have you modeled before? Kissing, it is not as easy as a kiss. There is on camera kissing and off camera kissing, I can teach you the difference. Where do you hold your hands? I can help you.  How do you pose? {I actually try not to pose you} I prefer watching the two of you together and will guide you from there. Hopefully and most importantly, I help you to be at ease around the camera. How to be yourself and be completely comfortable as a couple in front of the camera.  I also learn a few things from your engagement session, important things.  Things such as you blink, I mean you can’t keep your eyes open at all or I might learn that one of you has a Chandler Bing smile, if you don’t know what that means…watch THIS. {It is so true!} So much wonderful information is learned from a few extra hours together. The two of you are starting a new life together.  Let me teach you in a professional and fun way how to exist wonderfully on camera. Engagement sessions are important. They are the dress rehearsal for beautiful wedding photos!


Engagement Sessions

Engagement SessionsEngagement Sessions

Engagement Session

Engagement SessionBeing who you are on camera makes amazing photographs

Engagement Session

Enjoy each other and just be beautifully together & in the moment

Engagement SessionEngagement Session

You can book your engagement session by sending me a message about four to five weeks BEFORE your hopeful date. We will tailor  your engagement session to fit your personalities, from location decisions and help with what to wear!  All engagement sessions are shot by myself. If you did not book us for your wedding but would like an engagement session done by Beautiful Life Studio I would LOVE to! The cost is $375 and includes all your final images, location{s} of your choice and a set of 20 5×5 signature prints.

To see an actual full engagement session please click here.


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