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Makeup and Your Wedding

You have spent months planning! You found that gown that made mom cry when you put it on. You know what your going to do with your hair…how about your makeup? Just as important as your wedding gown, veil, shoes and accessories is your eyeshadow, lipstick and blush.  Running out Friday night to Walgreens to find that lipstick or eyeshadow to match your bridesmaid dress color, is not a good option.

As a photographer I can tell you the first thing I notice on my brides is their makeup. Before I can take in the detail on your veil, the shape of your dress, I am looking at you. Your smile, your eyes…your makeup. I HIGHLY recommend the use of an amazing MUA (Makeup Artist) if you can’t find one, I will add some links below, of talented local women I have worked with.

An amazing MUA can…

  • Hide imperfections. (Blotchy skin, pimples, scars, etc.)
  • Provide all day coverage with makeup that won’t come off on your groom and guests!
  • Guide you towards perfect shades for your skin tone.
  • Knows how to get a perfect cat or smokey eye…and when it is too much.
  • Knows what eyeshadows photograph, blend and shape well.
  • Knows how to apply false eyelashes without gluing your eyes closed. (Ok a slight exaggeration)
  • Can even camouflage facial imperfections you may not like, such as chubby cheeks, wide nose, thin lips, etc.

I said an amazing makeup artist, because just like anyone in any field, all are not equal. Aunt Betty who sells Mary Kay might know a little about makeup, but she is not trained like a professional.  (Hopefully Mary Kay reps will not hate me now.) Make certain your potential MUA has her certificates, state license and a portfolio of Before and Afters! Ask them if they have anyone similar to your look? Ask to see images of their work that is similar to the style you were thinking.  Never be afraid to ask, always have a trial and tell them exactly what you want and what you dislike about your skin. The very first thing is you need to feel beautiful to look beautiful, so if you dislike heavy makeup or red lips, blue eyeshadow, tell them!

If you have EXHAUSTED all your resources and can not afford an amazing MUA or are not convinced you need one…here are a few tips for a beautiful look.

  • Buy nice makeup. Quality, Quality, Quality ladies!
  • Invest in a primer. Smashbox makes an amazing primer! What is primer?
  • Apply your foundation & check the light everywhere! Inside to Outside, fluorescent to incandescent. No Line, No Line!
  • Know your eye shape. Only certain shapes can handle eyeliner all around the eye. Learn more here.
  • Keep your color palate neutral. Soft pinks, browns, golds, ivory.  Like this.
  • Beware the tarantula eye.  Example here.
  • Watch makeup tutorials like crazy. Some great ones here.
  • Less is more. Less is more. Less is lovely.
  • If doing fake eyelashes. Go with a natural looking lash & practice! Learn a bit here.

After you have done all of that…

  • Run in your full makeup. Is it dripping coming off. Ahhhh! Fix it, change it.
  • Watch Toy Story 3 did your mascara run? If if did, buy waterproof.

Now you can pack your makeup bag, don’t forget the lip gloss! No chapped lips!

Hope this helped you! Really, really do try to hire an MUA. I heard this from my sister who didn’t have an MUA, “I had these amazing images of me in a dazzling gown, amazing flowers and the man of my dreams, but I looked like I look on any ordinary day, just dressed up. I should of had someone do my hair and makeup.” There is power in perfect makeup. Even if for only one day…discover it!

Please feel free to ask any makeup related questions below, or post your favorite tutorials! I can’t wait to hear from you!



Eye Do St. Louis – Kim Haglund {she did my makeup for my wedding}


Hair One Design Team – They also do amazing hair!!!



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